Corbad writes an anthology of poems

by Corbad

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Each track on this album was written in a different poetic form and is accompanied by a relevant photograph that you are able to view by clicking each individual track.


released April 13, 2011


tags: folk Canada


all rights reserved


Corbad British Columbia

We will sit on the edge of ruin and talk.

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Track Name: amhriodol
Observe a poor and naked man
alone with melancholic sighs.
Will God within his mighty plan
observe a poor and naked man?
He wants to do the best he can,
to really live before he dies.
Observe a poor and naked man
alone with melancholic sighs.
Track Name: Tempests
in the silence
in the gross understatement of my cynicism and the effect is has on my worldview
it is all a lie that i tell myself
in order to become less affected
affected by the world around me i hide
in a world affected by nothing
i allow nothing to affect me
nothing that is as if that word were a noun
that was a synonym
for what i had but do not any longer
it has passed
it is finished
i still feel the rope pulling me
and it tears me into the sea
it is a buzzing chord
do not tell me that it never made a sound
i just never pulled hard enough
and since i tied it too long it did not hold me above the sea and instead let me float in the water of my loneliness
the rope is buzzing again
the rope is buzzing
and i will watch you on stage and wish that i were there with you
instead of in this sea
where tempests are only seen and never felt
and i cannot swim to meet them because i am still tied to this rope
and you will ride your bike across town even in the rain
and it will bring you joy as it brought me joy once
and that is why this rope is buzzing
i cannot scale this cliff face nor can i swim the sea
all i can do it hold this rope and wish
that i had tied it shorter
or tied it longer
or not tied it at all
Track Name: Sonnet 24 "Rain"
No more let me be melancholy here
Where life and love are giv’n like rain in spring
Ope up the skies to wash away my fear
For ere the rains come down, the dampness brings
A weight of heart which e’er I do embrace
That when the waters come it serves to crush
What should have grown. I turn my face
In shame. When I look up the sun has gone, the rush
Of water passed. I call again: let down
The rains! But ere I call the ground is dry
Let me not cow’r next time I hear the sound
Of coming storms, but turn my face and cry
O Lord let light fall down upon my heart
I need to drown and die ere growth can start
Track Name: In the Branches
In the sinking dark
I can’t make a mark
In the tough grey bark
Of the oak tree
A dangerous light
Shines just out of sight
I hide in the night
Of the oak tree

It will hold me close
It will love me most
As I’m as I chose
In the branches
It’s beautiful art
I dwell in its heart
It’s something to start
In the branches

(Mae'n rhywbeth i ddechrau
Yn y canghennau)
Track Name: Despair
This state is inescapable,
almost desiring to stay here forever,
I lie in wait:
glimmering joy almost reachable.

Forever in love with
this state. Is inescapable
a choice but yet subjection?
I lie in wait.

Soil folding over my face;
forever in love with
decaying soul—
a choice but yet subjection.

No graveyard shift for me;
soil folding over my face,
obscured identity:
decaying soul.

Worthless life now worthless death,
no graveyard shift for me.
Ghostly peace in chaos:
obscured all identity.

No graveyard shift for me,
I lie in wait.
Obscured identity—
this state is inescapable.
Track Name: A Dying Crow
I sit upon this crooked throne
I’m perched and dark: a dying crow
Is this the end of all I’ve known?

As brittle ice cracks frozen stone
I hold to dreams that lie and go
I sit upon this crooked throne

With breaking rock and fading tone
The pain is final as it grows
Is this the end of all I’ve known?

The dying light lets out a groan
It falls and dies like shining snow
I sit upon this crooked throne

I’m crippled black: a rotting crone
My corpse is falling down: for lo!
Is this the end of all I’ve known?

The wicked wind rips into bone
To die releases all I know
I sit upon this crooked throne
Is this the end of all I’ve known?
Track Name: Pipe Smoke and Gardening
Hobbity bobbity
Bag end in Hobbiton
Pipe smoke and gardening
Isn't this great?

Walk to the tree and watch
magical fireworks go
off in the sky!
Track Name: Haikus to you: My Love and Me, My Love and Tea
Life’s silent heartbeat
In the early morning sun
Drink a peaceful cup

Rustling leaves outside
And praying with our hands closed
On mirrored teacups

Tears are coming down
Through the steam of newly steeped
Tea and my heart weeps

Light drips silently
We drink our conversation
I drown in your eyes

The sun looks at our
Morning tea, I look at God
You are beautiful
Track Name: (Alonso has Disappeared)